Several Ways to GIVE now!




STEP UP CONLEY! The community of Conley is in need of a site for activities, recreation, fellowship and education. New Morning Light Community Development Project 501(c)(3) is located in the center of a low-income community with a large population of minority at-risk children and poverty stricken families. Our goal is to have a positive communicative environment for students and adults alike, our plan is to stop the cycle of failure within our area by implementing quality programming to rehabilitate and reinvigorate the community. We need YOUR help! Step up and STAND! Step up and HELP! Step up and GIVE! 



New Morning Light Community Development envisions a different kind of partnership with nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, local agencies and businesses. One that aims to demonstrate mutually beneficial ways that we can work together and empower positive change within at- risk youth and the community through education. 


We make it our mission to create partnerships with local organizations whose mission is to support this goal. These organizations are making a difference in your community and ours. Individually, they offer opportunities for enrichment, education, and training. Together, they strengthen the fabric of our community.


Because of the generosity of local churches, businesses, civic groups and individuals, We have been able to help a large number of at – risk children and their families.  We continue to need your support as we help a growing number of children. Your contribution means we can continue to provide quality educational programming to so many at-risk youth in our community. Please make a contribution today and provide help, hope and healing for tomorrow.


All donations and financial contributions can be made to "New Morning Light Community Development Project" a 501(c)(3) organization. All charitable donations are made possible because of the kindness and support of our donors to assist our efforts in providing this important service to the Conley, GA area. All donations are tax-deductible. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.